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Search Bing from Chrome (and vice-versa)

March 5, 2012

Google Chrome is a great browser but has one minor fault, it’s hard/inconvenient to use other search engines.  I regularly search for items using the default search in engine in Chrome (i.e., Google) but when I come to a search dead-end I usually end up using Bing.  Currently to do this you have to open a new tab, go to, and cut-paste the search term.  Ugh, please save me some time!  So, I created a handy little Chrome extension that adds a little yellow ‘S+’ button.  Clicking this button while searching in Google automatically opens a new tab and searches for the same item in Bing.  Likewise, if you are Bing and hit this button it opens a new tab and searches Chrome.  Pretty simple.

If you want to try for yourself, here is the code, the install instructions are in the Readme file contained in the zip.