Cygwin bad PATH on Lenovo T420s with NVIDIA Optimus

OK just to help out other people because I spent a bunch of time trying to figure out this problem…

I got a new Lenovo T420s and loaded up all my dev tools including Cygwin… But when I run Cygwin the PATH environment variable is wrong and shows: /usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/cygdrive/c/Windows/System32/NV:. So what happened to all the other paths from windows that should have been brought over from windows PATH env var?

Well, after much investigating it turns out old NVIDIA drivers are screwing up the path. I previously had drivers from April 2011 and updated to newer drivers and the PATH is now correct!!! It makes sense since the DLLs in the NV directory are from NVIDIA. I’m guessing this all has to the auto-magic that NVIDIA is doing to switch between Intel and NVIDIA graphics (i.e., Optimus).

BTW, I got the driver updates from Lenovo’s website.



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